Lifee πŸ˜‡ is simply an opportunity given by god to each and everyone of us which makes us learn a lot of things all through this journey till the day we take our last breath.

According to hindu mythology, each and everyone of us live such 7 lives,and it is not compulsory to be born as a human every single time.. we can be born as a fly or as a dog in another and so on..It all depends on the type of life we all live all through that birth i.e the KARMA . Being born as a human is considered to be the biggest blessing it means you have lived your past life doing all good deeds ❀

KARMA plays an important role in your life, be it the one you are living or the next birth.It determines how and what will be your next birth be like. KARMA teaches us what you give is what you’ll get and because of this we from our childhood are taught to speak good and talk good cuz all this accounts for Karma itself !!

Well life does not come with intructions, after all nobody is perfect, we all have some good and some bad habits, its just the ratio that gets changed from individual to individual and the values we are grown upon by our family friends and surroundings. Habits does not define a person at all. Sometimes its the situations and the circumstances that forces someone to occupy bad habits.. It is all about how bravely and confidently you face them. Facing each and every problem bravely and in a positive manner will let you live easier. Negativity kills you slowly and eventually leads you towards destruction.

Life is a roller coaster darling. You will be facing a lot of tough situations all through your life. Never ever let the fear of anything or anyone overcome your inner strength. You yourself have all the answers to the questions, solutions to the problems, fire to the fear. πŸ’š. So stand up even if everybody in this world drags you down. Stand up and fight for what is right and feels orrect to you.

You are made up of fire, stardust, wishes and magical things. Because darling its you and only you who can pull yourself out of evry bad situation.

Just say it to yourself, I can and I will and see how perfectly the things will fall in its place πŸ’› πŸ‘Š

You yourself make your life,your work,thinking,attitude. All this determines to the type of person you become. Just shake that fear off, fight it out, throw that sadness in a dustbin,say it to yourself YOU ARE SPECIAL. Believe in your dreams, believe in the name of God, leave all that ultimately lead you to a wrong path and let your KARMA be towards the good and wellness of others ❀


Life is tough darling, But so are you.❀️ πŸ’Ž

I belong to a country where being born as a girl was the biggest blessing one can ever get! where a girl was assumed to be an Avtar of goddes..

But what all i am seeing in recent times is not at all acceptable! Waking up to newspapers that are all covered with the headlines of rapes and murders is highly disturbing.. I live in a society where being a girl is no more considered a blessing..!

It is troubling enough that such a small proportion of reported rapes make it to court, worse still that so few victims come forward in the first place. But most disturbing of all is the reason why so many people keep their suffering to themselves: because they do not think they will be believed

.. specially the girls..

Girls? We go through so many problems in this life since the very childhood..But never complains. We girls are taught several lessons since the day we are born, we are taught not to raise our voice in front of anyone in the family even if anything wrong is taking place! We are taught to do all that kitchen stuff because one day we have to get married and get to a new place! We are taught to speak as softly and as less as we can! We are taught to come home early even if your brother comes home the next day! We are made to wear clothes that hide us as much as possible even if they are not comfortable to us! We are made to respect everyone be it our elders youngers or the people of the same age! We are made to adjust every where! But Why??

My mind pokes me every time i read these set of Instructions to live a life of a girl, But then is it true that only we are made to teach all these stuff just because we are girls? Why don’t our society make the boys understand these things? Why are they given all the rights to speak, shout, wear what they want to, live as they want to, think as the want to, and not us?

They say its the fault of girls that they are being raped harassed and murdered! Like really? They say wearing short skirts and dresses provokes a Man to do such deeds! seriously? On one hand where this society never gets tired of saying that we belong to a democratic country whereas on the other hand so much of discrimination on the basis of gender, judging someone on the basis of type of clothes she wear ? Is this what democracy mean? Or is it written somewhere that this freedom to speech, think, live is only for the male gender and not for the female percentage of the population?

Well answer to every problem lies here itself..! If the same rules same teachings and same instructions were given to boys as they are taught to us girls our mornings and lives would be much better. There should be given equal opportunities equal rights and equal freedom and teachings to both the genders.

Teaching daughters to wear clothes according to the surroundings should also come along teaching sons to behave properly and nicely and last but not the least to respect the opposite gender.

Its all about what we take along with us from what all Our parents made us understand the whole life.

A message to all the girls out there – You all are very precious, never ever forget your worth! You are born to smile to love and to live this life to the fullest so do what makes you happy not this society and never ever fear of anything you are your own hero just do what your heart feels right πŸŒŸπŸ’™ Love β™₯️β™₯️

You are awesome!

Last night i was just sitting alone and was trying to figure out answers for some questions that i couldn’t find anywhere in the recent times!

I then in sometime realised that its me where the actual answers lie..!

we spend half of our lives thinking about what others will think if we’ll do certain things..

but are we really living for those people who will just point you out in a crowd proving that what all you did is wrong even if you haven’t? Are we here to just listen to the stupidity they spill through their mouth and just stay quit just because you don’t have any rights to even put your point?

The answer is NO! If you think what all you are doing is right and is good for you then without any doubt just go for it! You are here to just live YOUR LIFE! you don’t need any approval for what your mind and heart says is perfect for you! You have proper rights and freedom to speak whatever you feel! Because it goes wrong when you wait for someone to support you in your life decisions.. why do i need someone’s approval or the permission for living my own life the way i want to πŸ™‚

So, it’s time to start trusting ourselves, because we are the only ones that know what is best for us. And yes as i meantioned earlier.. We do have all the answers. We just need to start being aware of how we are feeling at all times.

When you have a decision to make, ask yourself the questions.. say to yourself β€œHow does this choice feel to me? Does it feel better than that choice?” For then you’ll be happy for the decisions you take!! Path to this is a little bit tricky.. you may make some wrong decisions but that’s how the life rolls.. nobody’s perfect! And yes we all know PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT πŸ‘Œ

It takes some conscious practise to start living in this way, but it’s going to be our new future way of being, So now is a good time to start!


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